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SCHENECTADY — A pair of party lines in this year’s City Council race won’t be finalized until Monday, with absentee ballots factoring into the Green and Working Families parties’ primaries.

Following the city’s lone contested primary Tuesday, candidates Damonni Farley and John Mootooveren are all but assured to appear on the Working Families Party line in November, while Marion Porterfield could still be bumped by a write-in candidate. Write-in ballots were counted Thursday, and affidavit and absentee ballots will be counted Monday morning.

Farley and Mootooveren secured 36 and 29 votes each, respectively, while Porterfield received 19 votes in Tuesday’s primary.

Receiving write-in votes were Mohamed Hafez, with 11; Rima Cerrone, with seven; and Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas, with five. All three of those candidates will already appear elsewhere on the ballot in November. There were also two blank write-in ballots, said Darlene Harris and Amy Hild, Schenectady County’s bipartisan election commissioners.

There are nine absentee and six affidavit ballots to be counted Monday, the commissioners said. Based on the current totals, only Porterfield could be knocked off by one of the write-in candidates.

There are three open council seats up for grabs this year, meaning the top three finishers appear on the final ballot under the Working Families Party.

The Working Families Party was the lone contested primary in this year’s City Council race. The party endorsed Farley, Mootooveren and Porterfield, each of whom appeared on the ballot.

Republican-endorsed candidate Cerrone filed an…

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