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This is so wrong. The charging of Kenneth Tyree with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. He was a city code inspector and he didn’t do his job at the Jay Street apartments, which burned the night after his inspection, with a tragic loss of lives and displaced residents.

But, what if he had done his job perfectly? Probably he would have filed a report with his supervisors. That report hopefully would have resulted in an action by the code office, but when? It’s unlikely that anything would have been done on the day of the inspection and the eventual fire that same evening.

Would the building, having “failed” the inspection, been evacuated that afternoon? Probably not. Of course, if it had, there probably would not have been a fire if indeed it was started with an unguarded candle or cigarette.

So, back to the issue of Kenneth Tyree. He didn’t do his job, and yes, he should be fired. If he lied in numerous situations, he should be held accountable for those transgressions. But can he be held responsible for the deaths and trauma that resulted from the fire?

It appears the city is looking for a scapegoat, and Mr. Tyree was the closest. Obviously, the building’s owner and manager had some hand in this. But how about previous city building inspectors who apparently let this building fall into a fire-trap state of condition?

Reiterating the original concept: There is the question to Mr. Tyree’s degree of responsibility in this tragedy. Would Mr. Tyree’s perfect following of “procedure” changed the outcome of chain of events?

Earl F. Spencer


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