Mangano unveils Nassau County's $2.9B spending plan for 2018 – New York News

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano’s final budget proposal leaves county legislators — most seeking reelection in November — to grapple with a small property tax increase and $60 million in hikes to real estate and traffic fees.

Mangano, a Republican not running for a third term, unveiled his $2.99 billion spending plan for 2018 after 5 p.m. Friday. The legislature must alter and adopt the budget by Oct. 31, a week before Election Day.

Total spending, largely due to employee health care increases and money set aside to pay legal judgments, is up $28 million, or roughly 1 percent, from 2017.

To make sure revenues meet expenses without borrowing, Mangano wants to increase by an undetermined amount the $55 surcharge on traffic tickets adopted last year, to raise $35 million, and hike fees for filing tax verification — now $355 — and block maps — now $300 — by $100 each, to raise $25 million.

The total property tax levy would increase by 0.8 percent, largely to fund the county’s sewer system, which is running low on reserves. The impact to the average homeowner would be between $10 and $15, the administration said.

Mangano, who isn’t…

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