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How many times do you think Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission Chair Bob Turner or a commission member or one of their supporters has used faulty or secret information or cherry picked data to support the need for charter change? I’ve lost count.

One of the more glaring examples is the information Bob Turner uses repeatedly to justify the $40,000 plus benefits salary for mayor that is included in the proposed charter.

Turner repeatedly states this salary is justified because the average salary for a city mayor in New York state, according to the New York State Conference of Mayors, is $50,000. The thing is, NYCOM reports the average salary for a mayor in cities with a city manager is $22,000 while the median is $12,000.

In the same article he claimed past mayors they interviewed said a salary increase was needed to match the hours the job demands — except the mayor under the proposed charter will have significantly fewer responsibilities than our mayors currently have. A city manager will be in charge of all the departments now supervised by the mayor. The new charter lists only minimal duties for this office. (see section 2.04 in the charter)


So fewer duties for the proposed charter’s mayor, but a 175.9 percent increase in salary.

Professor Turner and others also frequently refer to a “survey” the commission says it did of City Hall employees.

Here are just a few examples:

Bob Turner wrote in the Saratogian on Sept. 10: “…65.3% of City Hall employees said they believed City Hall would operate better with a city manager.”


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