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In 2014, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins (an Ivy League-educated Teamster and retired U.S. Marine) won nearly 10 percent of the gubernatorial vote in Schenectady County — a sizable voting bloc that could easily swing a close local election.

That’s probably why Green Party members all over the area have been getting mail and personal visits from aspiring candidates — and why both mainstream parties routinely try to get their names on the Green Party ballot line, even though they aren’t members.

I wish to clarify that the Green Party does not cross-endorse candidates from other parties, so any claims that a candidate is a “Green” is false if that candidate is also listed on other party ballot lines.

Here’s a tip to those who would like our vote while running on your own party line: Support green values (many of which should appeal to the mainstream parties). Among the things we believe in:

• Clean air, water and soil for our children’s health and the maintenance of our property values.

• Transparency and accountability in all government activities.

• Creation of a sustainable local economy that balances quality of life and economic growth.

• Taking aggressive and affirmative steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and convert our communities to renewable energy sources.

• Public financing of elections, open debates, and more representative voting systems.

If you’re serious about getting out the Green vote, please learn more about our values and reach out to us at schenectadygreens.org or schenectadygreens@gmail.com.

Alex Brownstein


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