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The cost to repair the damage caused by these hurricanes will be in the billions. People are asking for contributions, and the government has allocated money towards it. However, we can do more.

We send millions of dollars to foreign countries every year. That stops until America is repaired. The government is spending billions to fight a war in the Middle East. ISIS thrives on fighting. I don’t think they can live peacefully. Let’s pull out all our troops. ISIS can do what it wants. There is oil to be had elsewhere. Now we go after it.

Once we’re out of the Middle East, it should be considered enemy territory. I’m sure ISIS will still continue terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. We pick a country that we feel merits it and we bomb it. Tit for tat. If these people don’t realize they’re committing suicide, then they deserve what they get. I see it as suicide by police. Keep our military strong.

Since citizens don’t want an oil pipeline across the United States, build more oil refineries in the north. It’ll provide jobs for the returning military and work for Americans who feel frustrated not to have good paying jobs. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Peter Pidgeon


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