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It’s halftime of the Wyandanch football team’s season opener, and nothing has been going right. The Warriors are trailing by two touchdowns. They’re committing bad penalties, fighting among themselves, slamming locker doors. The sound of frustration fills the cramped, crowded locker room.

Finally, one voice rises above it all.

“Settle down, fellas.”

It’s the voice of Dwight Singleton, Wyandanch’s third-year football coach. He’s squeezed his 55-year-old body through the sea of shoulder pads and into the corner of the room. Still, nobody stops what they’re doing, and as the chirping continues, Singleton announces his presence again, this time significantly louder.

“Settle down!”

This time, the room goes quiet.

Singleton lets the silence hang in the air. Now he knows he has his team’s attention.

“We can’t give up,” Singleton says, softly. He scans the room, making eye contact with the players crowded around him. “You hear that? We can’t give up.”

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