Could Hurricane Jose come to LI? Look to the cone of uncertainty. – New York News

What is Hurricane Jose’s cone of uncertainty?

Those who are following news of Hurricane Jose may have seen its track in a cone-like image, showing the storm heading north toward Long Island, then veering to the east.

Indeed, the National Weather Service’s Upton office pointed to it Friday in a tweet, saying: “Much of our area is now in the five-day cone of uncertainty. Be prepared for potential impacts Tuesday/Wednesday.”

What the cone is

The cone shows the range of potential paths for the center of the storm and is not indicating the size of the storm and where major impacts may be. There can be plenty of impacts outside that cone.

People can “mistakenly interpret the size of the cone as the size of the storm or its impacts. Nope,” wrote Marshall Shepherd, director of the atmospheric sciences program and professor at the University of Georgia.

As of late Saturday, the cone showed Jose ultimately passing southeast of Long Island, according to the National Hurricane Center. Even though Jose is looking to make a turn well to the east, the region…

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