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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going all in for Democratic candidates in New York State — but not the ones you’d think.

After years of wishy-washy support for his own state party, I’d like to finally see Cuomo lead a no-holds-barred, enthusiastic campaign to retake our state Senate from the GOP — and the so-called Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC) empowering them.

This would tie in really well with his push for re-election. Imagine the messaging: “Elect me and a Democratic Senate and look at the things we’ll accomplish!”

What Cuomo has actually done is committed to unseating six GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives — swearing to recruit, fundraise and campaign as much as necessary to remove them from office.

To that I say: Good — I guess? 

Look, I’m glad that Cuomo wants to help take back the U.S. House from Trump’s GOP.

I believe he’ll work hard on this.

In fact, the proof is in the pudding: The New York Times reported late last month that over a dozen

Democrats have signed on to run in those six districts — which is no small feat this early on. Cuomo should receive credit for his efforts.

But I have to ask: Where has his enthusiasm been for state Democrats lo these many years?


Why, as soon as he has his sights on a certain higher office, does Cuomo step up for national Democrats, while he has to be dragged nearly kicking and screaming to support his own at home?

There was a time that the governor was downright tepid in his support for Democrats here.

Until 2016, he barely lifted a finger to take back the State Senate — and even…

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