Emmy Awards 2017: Will host Stephen Colbert target Donald Trump, again? – New York News

As the 69th prime-time Emmys arrive Sunday, here’s your handy guide to the major cliffhangers:

 How many times can Julia Louis-Dreyfus win?

 Will “This Is Us” finally break the broadcast network drought?

 Just how much mischief can host Stephen Colbert actually cause?

Like any good cliffhanger, they each promise that Sunday’s telecast (CBS/2, 8 p.m.) will be unlike any other in the history of these awards — which isn’t something you can always say about an Emmys show, can you?

 As Mark Twain would say, the trouble begins at 8. A consistently vocal, occasionally scabrous and highly successful critic of President Donald Trump, Colbert has also turned “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” around because of his comments about the chief executive. To abandon his favorite target Sunday night would be to break habit but also break faith with his fans. They expect he’ll take some shots. He won’t let them down.

 But as Emmy producers patiently tell Emmy hosts year after year, the show is a celebration of the best…

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