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Forget for a moment the unfortunate name, which conjures up unpleasant images of stuffed noses and clogged throats, of traffic-filled streets and high price tags.

Congestion pricing is not the best moniker, but the concept — a better system of tolls, fees and traffic reduction strategies — is the right way to move the region forward.

In reality, New York has a lot of catching up to do. Singapore instituted a form of congestion pricing in 1975. Oslo followed in the 1980s, London in 2003 and Stockholm a few years later. And cashless electronic tolling, without cumbersome booths for cash collection, has been around for decades, but has finally arrived here.

Transportation advocates and elected officials have tried to change how New York manages traffic. In the 1990s, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, an advocacy group, pushed such efforts. But nothing has come of the idea that financial incentives can improve driving patterns. Until, perhaps, now.

The combination of a deteriorating subway system, the so-called…

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